• Australian made product

  • Cost effective & Suitable for all glass

  • Protects the glass from etching

  • Only apply once! Coating lasts over 10 years on new glass

  • Makes cleaning 90% easier saving time and money

Glass Scratch Removal Australia is trusted by many clients throughout the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and Brisbane.

Pool Fence Cleaning & Protection

Glass scratch Removal Australia provides a professional glass pool fence cleaning service with specialised equipment. Once cleaned we apply a easy clean coating to the glass which is a specially formulated invisible coating makes the glass hydrophobic, oil-phobic and scratch-resistant.

The main benefits of having your pool fence professionally cleaned and coated on a regular basis are that it protects your investment from contamination like chlorine, salt, and hard water than without the coating and making it 90% easier to clean in the future. The invisible glass coating, especially great for pool fencing, is both water and oil repellent, and protects against staining and etching. It is an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor glass balustrades, shower screens, pool fencing, glass awnings, solar panels, shop fronts, stainless steel and boat windows to tolerate harsh weather.  

Ask about our regular cleaning service so we can ensure your glass and coating stays looking fresh, to save future maintenance costs. Our products come with up to 10-year warranty, a guarantee of superior product quality and durability, and workmanship.

Easy Clean Coating

​Commercial Strength Easy Clean Coating for Glass and Stainless Steel

Our top quality commercial coating for your glass and stainless surfaces can save you time and money. Glass Scratch Removal Australia uses a non-stick protective coating ideal for all glass types and stainless steel surfaces. Applied once, it repels grime, dirt and soap scum making the surface easier to clean, and reducing cleaning time by up to 90%.

Utilising our specialised glass coating for pool fencing and balustrades is the leading choice for home owners and glass professionals. The coating provides superior glass protection for the best way to clean glass pool fences and cut cleaning time. Using state of the art nanotechnology, it acts as a permanent shield to seal the porosity of the glass, allowing contaminants such as sea salt, dirt and grime to reside on the easy-to-clean protective coating, rather than the glass itself.

Here at Glass Scratch Removal Australia, our commercial strength coating uses state-of-the-art nanotechnology to transform glass into a high performance, ultra-long lasting water repellent surface and can dramatically slow the corrosion process in stainless steel.

Easy Clean Coating

The stainless steel coating is a non-stick protective treatment that makes cleaning and maintenance so much easier.

When applied, it is completely invisible and does not change or alter the appearance of the stainless steel or chrome.

It provides protection from the long-term effects of build-up which often forms on the surface when exposed to water, salt, grime and even acidic cleaner.

Commercial Strength Coating

Fingerprints and streaks are easier to clean.

The coating is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

It can dramatically slow down corrosion and tea staining.

It is a one-time application and no additional revitalizer products required.

It is suitable for new and existing surfaces.

Wide Range of Applications

The stainless steel coating can be used for many things, which include:

Range hoods and cooktops

Refrigerators and dishwashers

Sinks, taps and faucets

Railings and spigots

Outdoor kitchens and barbecues

Marine stainless steel & other hardware



Glass Scratch Removal Australia surface protection uses only top-grade quality products for protecting a wide variety of surfaces.

Rely on an expert to bring your glass or stainless steel surface back to its glory.  We are happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Residential and Commercial
Surface Restoration Specialist

Why Restore?

Glass restoration is cost-effective. Good-looking windows always add curb appeal to a property no matter if it’s high-rise business building or residential low-rise building.  Replacing glass is expensive, along with the additional expenses and downtime, which can result in twice the amount of glass replacement. Glass restoration is great alternative, and will give you great results.

Think Green.

In these times we all need to be environmentally conscious. Do you know that a glass furnace is used 24 hours a day and consumes a massive amount of energy? It uses 605kg of CO2 for every 100kg of glass produced. Help save the environment and repair your glass with a restoration solution.

Trusted Glass Restoration Experts.

With a wealth of industry knowledge and superior quality products and surface restoration technology system, Glass Scratch Removal Australia can work across all types of building sites and scratched glass and stainless surfaces. We are the specialists in surface restoration work trusted by clients from the commercial, residential and industrial areas.